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12 days ago

Datamatch is now live at UC Berkeley! : Datamatch is a free matchmaking service created for college students by college students to find true love. This year, we've brought Datamatch to 25+ universities across the country, including UC Berkeley! How does it work? Just sign up at, create an online profile, and take a (super hilarious, in our opinion) survey written by us brilliant Cupids. Then, on Valentine's Day, your (romantic or platonic) matches will be *magically* revealed, and you can proceed as you please: ignore them, slide into their DMs, or wave awkwardly across the lecture hall. It's up to you. Sample survey question: How do you get exercise as a busy student at Berkeley? A) Running to catch the 51B because it came 4 minutes early and is about to leave AND the next one is in 32 minutes B) Working out at RSF--IF I CAN EVEN FIND ANY OPEN MACHINES C) Exercise? Whomst??? D) Using the stairs in the dorm after the elevator breaks for the 197624976th time E) Running out of money a ha ha... We hope you have lots of fun signing up, taking the survey, and meeting your matches (maybe one of them may turn out to be The One™?). Drop any questions you have below and we'll be sure to answer! Full Article
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