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11 days ago

Feeling unfulfilled with 61B - how to move forward in SWE? : So 61b's coming to a close soon and I really feel like I didn't learn as much as I could have. This is not to say the class was inherently unfulfilling (in fact, I think it's one of the best courses I ever took) but I'm finishing this class without nearly putting as much effort as I would've liked. This semester was hellish for me both in terms of schoolwork and personal stuff so I feel like I've missed out on the opportunity to really grow, especially since so many people consider 61B as being pivotal for internships/jobs and I'm kind of fomo'd out that I'm passing this without knowing nearly as much as my friends with kickass cs jobs did when they took the class. ​ During summer I'm planning on spending a ton of time prepping for interviews and the like, but I'm wondering if 61B is worth going back to or if I'd have a more fruitful time cranking out leetcode problems and reading cracking the coding interview instead. I've got a decent surface level knowledge of what data structures are, and when and why they're useful (i.e. what's a heap vs. a tree vs. a map/set) but when looking at the exam and discussion questions I really feel like there's a level of depth I missed out on by going full surface level with this class. ​ For those of you who've taken 61B, did you feel like it was crucial to really understand things at the top level; or would a more surface level knowledge still suffice, granted it's backed up by considerate time spent on other resources like leetcode/CTCI as I've mentioned. ​ I've never finished a class feeling so empty and unfulfilled lol, and I'm ready to put in serious work to be a great programmer but I'm not sure if I can move on from 61B just yet or go back to it. Full Article
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