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7 days ago

BEST place for seafood downtown? : Hi guys! I've been to Baltimore once before and I am heading back down this weekend for a quick trip. I'll be spending two nights there in total, but I know for sure I want to go to LP Steamers one night because I loved it there. For the other night, I really want to go to a "fancier" seafood restaurant. There are so many to choose from and I am getting so overwhelmed because I want to pick an all-time favorite of the locals!! I know some of the places that pop up on yelp/other websites can be mainly tourist attractions/not representative of the actual food found there. So, I am taking to Reddit for some suggestions on your all-time favorite authentic seafood place down in Baltimore. Please give me some ideas! Also, I know LP Steamers is a seafood restaurant, but it's very casual and I am looking for a place to get dressed up and go out to. Full Article
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