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11 days ago

Applying to Berkeley Soon, Questions Regarding Tuition : Berkeley has always been my dream school, despite always forgetting the 'e' before the y whenever I spell it. UCLA and UCB have been the two schools that I have pestered my parents about for years, and they understand my dedication for attending those schools (I am working to become some type of surgeon). UCB is where my heart truly lies, but I do really like UCLA as well. ​ For most of my life, my parents had always rolled their eyes at me and figured that I would learn the truth of the real world: being poor and OOS, I could never even hope to attend those schools. ​ Well, I have yet to give up on my dreams, and I still wish to attend one of these schools as college application season looms over us. My family makes under 70k/year, and we are OOS. We do not have much money saved up for college, only around 65k for my siblings and I. I will do whatever it takes to not have to pay the OOS tuition all four years. I want to prove to everyone that I can do this! ​ If anyone asks about my stats, I can put them, but this post is all about finding a way to get IS tuition, because my parents will not even allow me to apply if I do not have some stable plan. Here is what I have been thinking: -Are the scholarships UCB/UCLA good? -I read somewhere that taking weighted classes OOS does not matter, can someone verify? -Should I just suck it up and go to an in state school (in my state, our universities are not the best in particular)? -Can I get IS tuition if I just marry someone in CA? -Can I establish residency after my first year of living there? Pay the OOS, and during that one year I can get a job, house, license, voter ID, etc. Then, could I pay IS tuition for the rest of my years? -How likely is it that they take OOS students for the Regents Scholarship? -Can I transfer my legal guardian to be a family member who lives in CA before I apply? ​ Do I just have a glorified view of these schools? Do I need to suck it up and realize that my dreams of living in a dorm, studying my passion will not come true? I have been to CA a couple of times, such as this summer, and I have always enjoyed it. Is it time to draw a close to this idea? How do you guys pay OOS? submitted by /u/scholarly_scholar1 [link] [comments] Full Article
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