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4 months ago

Indiana Unemployment- There is hope! : Hello, I wanted to make a post today about the unemployment issue I had in Indiana. I have been waiting for 6 weeks and have been getting every voucher denied saying 'Job dissatisfaction-unreasonable effort' or something like that. But today, it all went through and the issue was resolved. I have been waiting 6 weeks. I know this doesn't do much for everyone waiting for their money and stressed out about upcoming rent, but I was also in your boat. I didn't know how I was going to pay rent, stressing. I was waiting on hold just like everyone here for hours and hours. Getting very little help from anyone at all. Then boom, today it all went through and I received the last 6 weeks worth of pay. I know everyone is very stressed out but I am here to tell you there is hope. When I was reading forums it seemed as though nobodies vouchers were going through and everyone was stressing, and I know how just one success story can help provide some hope. So here I am making my first reddit post ever to tell other Hoosiers, there is a chance! Glory to God! ​ I don't know if the issue was resolved on it's own or if my appeal worked, but for anyone dealing with a denial I thought I would at least include who I emailed to appeal, even though it took 11 days before I got anything back. The email is []( In sending them an email here are the essential things you MUST include. First and last name If you are the claimant or employer Your mailing address, telephone number, and the last 4 digits of your SS# (claimants only) on all correspondence that you send Provide reasons why you disagree with your Determination of Eligibility Include a copy of the Determination of Eligibility that you are appealing. Also to be included is a written statement. I personally, wrote out a medium sized written statement and included all vital information about my job and why I am not able to work, as well as screenshots from texting my manager where she is shown saying I am not allowed to work. I would include all vital information that proves you cannot be working at the time. As for the copy of the DofE, I went to my uplink account and opened up where it said 'Job Dissatisfaction-Unreasonable Effort' and screenshotted it with my computer, and included the picture in the email. Remember, it did take me 11 days to have anything resolved, but they do send an email to you almost immediately after you send your email, letting you know that they received your appeal. I am not on reddit very often but I wanted to post this so that people see there is a chance. I probably won't be checking back to answer too many questions because, as I said, I use reddit very sparingly. I hope some of this was helpful and that everyone is able to get their unemployment squared away. Good luck to everyone, and to God be the glory! Full Article
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