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4 months ago

Weekly CV-19 Update for Smith County - TLDR: hmmm... : Last month I made a few graphs to help keep myself up to date with our communities CV-19 response. I compiled all of this info using this article on KLTV and add to it every morning. . Smith county: Total CV-19 Cases for Smith County Average daily infection rate for Smith County (7 day rolling) Smith County is doing better than ever! We have had very few reported new cases and according to the data we have dropped down to levels not seen since before the quarantine ever started... That being said, almost every other county in east Texas is seeing record highs and last weeks data showed we were on target to see a massive spike. Personally I am becoming very skeptical about the recent data presented by Smith County. I'm not sure if they just stopped testing, or if they are trying to sweep something under the rug, but this data does not make sense when compared to any other area in east Texas. When everyone else is experiencing record highs, how are we at record lows?! . Surrounding Counties: This data compiles all the data for Smith County and Bordering Counties to gauge how Tyler's immediate area is currently doing. Total CV-19 Cases for the "Tyler-Plex" Average daily infection rate for the "Tyler-Plex" We can see a clear decrease in cases as a direct result of the lockdown followed by a steady rise as people begin to get lax about things. Now that its been 2 weeks since the reopen, we can finally see the results of that decision. Notice the sharp spike on Friday May 15th, that is the single largest day for new infections we have seen to date. . East Texas: Total CV-19 Cases for East Texas Average daily infection rate for East Texas East Texas as a whole looks very similar to our surrounding area, we can see the massive spike on May 15th due to the re-open. Last Friday we saw the single largest increase in cases since this all started with 152 new infections on a single day. . I am very curious about the smith county data. There is a stark and undeniable contrast when compared to the other two regions... Is Smith county just that much better at controlling the spread of this disease? Are we really doing this well? Or is something shady happening? I really dont know, You tell me. . Listen to the Doctors, Listen to the Data, Keep Staying Home. Full Article
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