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9 days ago

Econ 1 vs. Econ 2, and UGBA 10 : Hi guys, I'm an incoming freshman intending to do Econ/pre-Haas. Should I take Econ 1 with Olney in fall semester freshman year or Econ 2 with the Romers in spring semester? I've heard great things about all of the professors. I don't have a strong econ background yet because my HS didn't offer AP Macro/Micro so I was leaning towards Econ 2 as it is more thorough, and doing UGBA 10 in the fall. Also, when is the best time to take UGBA 10? I don't want to take it at the same time as Econ 1/2 since I don't want to overwhelm myself. Is it ok to take in freshman fall? For reference, I'll be doing Math 16A/16B in freshman year as well as probably R1A/R1B (unsure about my AP Lit score but I may have gotten a 4 which would get me out of R1A). Thanks! submitted by /u/wafflesfirst [link] [comments] Full Article
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