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8 days ago

Three Tornados Struck My Grandma's Neighbourhood -- 100ft+ Tree Needs Getting Rid Of -- Firewood, Anyone? : A large tree fell in a suburb in the Spartanburg area. The recent storms devistated a pretty localised area, where around three tornados made landfall. It was pretty gruesome, but we got off pretty easily. Not much direct damage to the house. That tree though... It was a problem. I think it's a Loblolly Pine, so doing some rough maths: 75ft is a decent estimate for the main trunk alone. I'd say the trunk might be 3ft in diameter on the low end. Average density is 40lbs/ft3. That makes the trunk around 430ft3, if accounting for the taper. That leaves about 17000lbs of wood. It's pine wood, so firewood could be out of the question, but it might be good for smoking meat. Lots of little branches for kindling. Woodwork would be good. I don't know much about this stuff, so judge it yourself. We can cut it. All you need to do is haul it. Take all of it you want, too. We don't need any of it. First come, first serve. Plenty for everybody. We don't have a definite date yet, but PM me if you're interested. I can give you the location and set a date for pickup. Full Article

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