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6 days ago

What else does UCB look at besides GPA for transfers? : So I’m trying to get into UCB, UCLA, or UCSD for CS and I’d be fine with any of these three but everybody keeps telling me to just keep my GPA up and I’ll be fine. People at my CC drop classes if they can’t get a surefire A and purposely fail classes so they can retake them to save their GPAs. (Since UC schools only look at the retaken grade) So all I’ve been doing is making sure my GPA looks solid but honestly this is ruining my college experience. Idgaf about anything except my grades now and I’m trying to fix this by seeing if there’s anything else that can help my college app. Students at Ivy Leagues tend to have really interesting backgrounds and stuff but something tells me that’s not really what other people at my school care about. What do you guys think? Full Article
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