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9 days ago

Are there any cheap-ish tex-mex and/or authentic places around south Tampa? : Most cities I've lived in, there are a bunch of places called like "Los Gordos" or "La Hacienda" or whatever and they all have the same basic tex-mex menu of tacos, burritos, fajitas, etc. They usually have a lunch menu of like 10 combos of 1 taco, 1 chili relleno, rice and beans, or 2 tacos, 1 tamale, and beans, etc etc. You can get a dinner for like $12 max with a few tacos or burritos, or one giant burrito, chips and salsa, and usually with some margarita specials. I see a couple cuban places, and then a bunch of "trendy taco places" that look good but are kinda expensive for what you're getting, and a bit less kid-friendly compared to a place where they bring free chips the second you sit down. Full Article
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