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7 days ago

Questions about toilets in Florida?! : I am from Bengal (India) and I’m going to the US next week. Basically, I don’t like using the sitting position to defecate. I used a western toilet before on an airplane & have been squatting on the thin seat (means like climbing up on the bowl and squatting down kind of like a bird), but I have heard stories in my village of toilets cracking in the US. Is there any way I can make it safer to squat or stand on a western toilet? Why are there kitchen sinks in the bathroom? You use paper to clean yourself...and not water and hands like we do on our squad toilets. My brother and sister dosent use that kitchen sink either. Can you explain me for what the kitchen sink is? Maybe to clean or refill water bottles? We in india have hand pumps were you can fill water bottles or buckets. THX for the help! Greetings form India! Full Article
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