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10 days ago

I love Tampa, don’t EVER change. : Hey everyone. I just wanted to say to all native born people of Tampa. Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed in your city! After almost two years living here, I don’t regret the the decision, everyone I’ve met is so friendly, random strangers holding the door when they see me coming, the smiles when I come into contact with a random stranger asking for directions :). I immigrated from a homophobic society and it’s been a light and day difference, when I hold my boyfriend’s hand in public I don’t get the stares or the jeers, I would have never tried doing that where I am from, I recall walking into a restaurant in carrollwood holding my boyfriend’s hand and the server smiled and said “awwww. Y’all are so cute together” I literally cried because I’ve been afraid and anxious my entire life because of who I am. Once again thank you so much! Full Article
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