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3 months ago

My landlord is using COVID-19 to possibly delay the return of my deposit : I've moved out this week and in my contract it stated it was protected by My Deposits Tenancy Deposit Protection. I've since checked with that scheme and they have no record of the deposit made. The landlord/agent is saying that due to the Corona virus they have insufficient funds in their account which when I heard the irony of a landlord asking their ex-tenant for an extension of bond payment nearly threw me off my chair. They've assured me it will be paid but there'll be a delay. Obviously, I want to avoid court despite having the opportunity to make a lot back (I imagine this process would be lengthy in itself due to COVID-19), and like many tenants at this point I just want the money returned as my next rent at my new place is due in about two weeks. Should I just guilt them into repaying the deposit by virtue of the fact they lied in the contract and go from there? Full Article
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