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20 days ago

Just throwing some love out to IT'S ACADEMIC. : It's a quiet rainy day so I decided to turn the TV on. Not even cable, just CBS. I HAD NO IDEA. I forgot about 'It's Academic'. I remember back when my own own class was on that show, because I was supposed to be there that day. The day we were set to attend I was diagnosed with the Mumps. Which was a big deal because there was a small breakout that made the news. ​ Kind of like what is happening with measles right now, only all of us had been given vaccinations, so it wasn't a matter of people being fucking stupid. It was just an inert batch of vaccine I guess. This was in the mid '80s. I was given another MMR, but oddly enough contracted the measles last year anyway. Decades after that vaccination and the subsequent booster. No, it didn't make news. People get the mumps and measles, it just hasn't been seen on such a scale in decades, hence all the media coverage these days. I have never had rubella (which is basically just german measles) but I've never had it. ​ ANYWAY I was devastated that I did not get to attend. I worked really hard to be part of my group. I realized I've been sitting here trying to enthusiastically answer every question. Gotten most of them right so far. I'm amazed I remember any of this stuff. ​ I wish I wouldn't have been such an angry and rebellious kid. I could have rocked It's Academic any of the years following. I was too angry and too "cool" to care. ​ What a shame. Full Article
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