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13 days ago

A man swung a STOOL at the police. He was shot and killed. : Not sure why this bothers and resonates with me so much. I respect the hell out of the police for the most part and usually take the side of the officer and give them the benefit of the doubt. “Officer-involved shooting? It was probably justified. These guys put their LIVES at risk, after all.” But I have a hard time coming to grips with a stool making a trained officer fear for his life. This assailant couldn’t be subdued in some other kind of way? Shooting and killing him was the only recourse? Doesn’t sit well with me at all. There is body cam footage that I’m sure will be released at some point. I’d be very interested to see that and until then, maybe I should reserve judgment. It just seems strange and tragic: the man didn’t brandish a knife, or a gun, or a piece of glass, or a bat. But a stool. A stool. Full Article
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