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4 days ago

More Walgreens closings on the way? : I know some Walgreens have recently closed, but I was at the Van Ness and Market Walgreens today and literally was in shock. Shelves were 90%+ empty, that's not an exaggeration at all. Photo:
There were no carts or baskets available at all to shop with. Then I went to the Walgreens on 9th and Market since they had literally nothing I needed, and the usual security guard was not present, and no baskets or carts either except for 2-3 behind the counter you could ask for. They were also understocked but nothing so severe as above. I asked the woman at the counter about it. She said the company has cut security guards because the robberies were so commonplace at these locations and they were losing so much money even with security guards, and that the employees all feel both of these Walgreens will be closed soon. They aren't allowed to put out baskets or carts anymore because there was so much theft of those carts/baskets. Also she said they're not really getting any more stock sent to them at this point. She said the shoplifting had been rampant in both locations over the last few weeks, and after Walgreens cut the security guard program, it got even worse. She said people were even coming in and smashing the security lock containers, she said somebody ran out with their entire perfume selection. She said the staff at both stores is super depressed and they all think they are losing their jobs soon. FWIW I witnessed a man shoplifting flagrantly while I was there. One of the staff tried to stop him, but he ran out with a bunch of stuff and was screaming at everybody. I don't know if this is the case at other Walgreens, or just the Mid-Market ones. But looks like Walgreens is actively pulling out of at least some SF neighborhoods giving recent closings and the fact that they've given up entirely on these two. I'm just feeling beat up. It feels like I can't even shop in my neighborhood anymore due to all the crime, and SF doesn't do shit about it. It's ridiculous. Full Article

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