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8 days ago

Question about Undergraduate Admissions Update Form : I just found out yesterday I was admitted to Berkeley's L&S programs with an opportunity to get the Regents Scholarship. However, in my initial UC App I had included that I will be taking a Dual Enrollment Multivariable class at a local community college my second semester of senior year. However, a week before the class started, they cancelled it for the Spring semester. In the Undergraduate Admissions Update Form, there is an option to include which classes I will not be taking. However, I am afraid if I will get my offer rescinded for not taking the class and that they would expect me to take it another community college. What do you guys think? Also, do you guys think that this would hurt my chanes at getting my Regents Scholarship. submitted by /u/WiseBicycle2 [link] [comments] Full Article
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