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4 months ago

Politics or Pile of Tricks? The "Controversy" behind Baltimore's Mayoral Candidate Mary Miller's Newly Ousted PAC: Like, hasn't voter targeting always been a thing??? : I'm sure many of you have heard about the PAC that had been previously supporting Baltimore Mayoral candidate Mary Miller's campaign had gotten "caught", via a leaked email, expressing its intent to target white voters with a series of attack ads against her rivals Brandon Scott and Thirsty Vignarajah. In this current era of fake news, I don't know about you but I personally have found myself becoming increasingly more critical about the stories that I am hearing and how they are being delivered. Nowadays It's like I have to run the news stories that I hear and read through a mental filter to sift out all of the bull$#it and this definitely happens to be one of those stories that have grinded ground ( or whatever) my gears as of late and here's why: Whether it is the woman's vote, the black vote, middle class, millenials, independents, or undecideds, voter targeting through demographics is and has been used in EVERY political campaign in the U.S. for the last 90 or so years but as of this week, according to the local media, using campaign strategies involving demographics is unethical and racist. In an interview responding to the controversy, candidate Scott referred to the language used in the email as "coded" -referring to the intent of the supposed racial language that was used to describe the voting demographic that was to be targeted in Miller's ongoing campaign. But in reality, what was really coded was the media's reporting of the interpretation of the intent of the PAC's strategy. By playing off of the sensitive nature of race and the highly sensitive nature of perceived racism in a city that has a 60% AA population, the local media has been successful in using the code to feul controversy and generate misguided outrage with fake racism. Are you all seeing this or is it just me? Or am just I out of touch and missing the insidious racistness of it all? Full Article
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