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19 days ago

County responsibility for the damaged windshield/car from road work? : I travel the stretch of 695 from the Key bridge to Dundalk / Middle River almost daily. Thankfully, the county is repairing the poor surface conditions on the inner loop from Dundalk to Edgemere area. In the last two days, I have three new damage areas on my windshield that I can easily see and feel with my finger. Each strick scared the hell out of me; it was crazy loud. I'm also 99% convinced that the same loose material from the grating of the road damaged my front pumper, removing 3 to 4 inches of paint (front to back) down to the base plastic of my front bumper cover. The bumper damage wasn't there three days ago when I washed my car and it's mostly been sitting in my driveway since that event. Long story, is damage from the excess of rocks on the road from the grating on the county to fix? I'm doing my best to keep a distance from the cars in front but I'm picking new up damage almost every day. I'm probably going to start taking North Point road to bypass until it's paved. ​ My car is still in new condition. I wouldn't be concerned if this was an older car that's already accumulated damage over years. Full Article
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