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5 days ago

hi : im mikie i have autism, i like disney, minecraft, starwars, frozen, paw patrol, dinosours, hot wheels, legos , disney, movies music, i like swimming , fishing, boating, heres my dignoses ok im 26 i have autism, adhd, sensory processing disorder , speech and learning issues , gi issues, gerd, acid reflex, scoliosis, i have asthma, allergies developmental delays, i been though alot in my life i was in a oxygen tent as a kid too , bad breathing issues as a kid from asthma, was in the hospital alot too im very strong and i dont give up i had over 23 surgery's so far i was in special ed till third grade i did ok than i was put into general ed with extra help and i had a resource teacher too i had ok grades too school was ok i was bullied though but i was ok i went on all the field trips, i was in rotc, ffa, student council, i tried having fun in school too , i liked school i liked history the most, i graduated in 2011 with a 2.9 gpa my childhood was ok, i liked playing outside, i like legos, hot wheels, swimming, my power wheels truck, riding my bike too, going too the park, and movies and music my mile stones are i couldn't walk till age 3, was potty trained at age 4, talked at age 5, rode a bike at age 6 , tied my shoes at age 11 im scared of dentists im getting better i know there good people , im scared of deep water but im getting better at swimming, i was scared of the dark till like age 15 now im ok with the dark, some of the things i like are, fishing, boating, , swimming, bowling, reading i was very good reading as kid too i was a book nerd , i liked helping others in school, here is s more things i like i love hot wheels, i like riding bikes, i love bugs, reptiles, animals, horses ,my iq was 62 i belive its much higher , i like too wacth movies, i like tv, music, i have autism but most of all i have kindness in my heart i love too voice my opinion , im sorry i like everyone in this group, i like too help others i like too give advice heres a little about mehelp with lots of stuff in my life my mom helps me lots in my life shes my hero as a kid i always had her and i still have my mom now my favorite person is my mom i never had many friends but i was ok i can talk walk do lots of things i have bad learning issues i have asthma . allergy's i have anxiety issues bad i have night terrors i dont like yelling or mean people i cry when people are mean too me im over senstive i still use use a waterproof mattress cover i do it helps me with my asthma and allegrys and keeps the mattress clean from spills i use 2 zippered mattress covers there both waterproof and a waterproof mattress pad, i love too sing,, i love too write stories, i want a bullying law passed so no one is builled it hurts i still like footed pajamas, i like water parks, helping people , i still believe in Santa i wish people understood autism and special needs i may look normal but theirs so much i need help with, i fear dentists im scared of people yelling at me , im scared of deep water, i have very bad anxiety , it hard when people think your high functioning you can do it they dont know whats going on in my brain i can do lots of stuff but i still struggle i dont understand most things and sometimes have repeat stuff so i understand i am not good at paperwork my mommy helps me i know what everyone goes though and i know i need help with stuff im not fully mature my maturity level is at a 15 year olds level i love too eat pizza i dont like mustrad but like mayo , im scared of death i never peed the bed before but sometimes scared my meds can cause it i like too help others i love too chill in my room in my jammies im just me i hope this helps" - Michael Full Article
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