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4 days ago

I'm Steve Hofstetter, a comedian with 150 million views on YouTube. Every show I do, I raise money for a local dog rescue. March 4, I am performing at Off The Hook, and donating proceeds to the Animal Refuge Center. Show details in the post. : Tickets are at Florida shows: 2/26 @ Union Hall (Lakeland) 2/27 @ Time Out Billiards (Ocala) 2/28 @ Hall of Fame Comedy Theater (Holiday) 3/1 @ 302 Ocean (Melbourne) 3/3 @ Tea and Poets (Miami) 3/4 @ Off The Hook (Naples) 3/5 @ Improv (Tampa) 3/6-3/7 @ Paddywagon (Orlando) Every show I do this year raises money for dog rescue. We're at over $15,000 and climbing! I am doing this because of how important my dog was to me. Walter traveled with me to 48 states, and was my constant companion on the road. So I decided to help save a few more Walters. We donate 25% of every show and the charities I choose in each city don't know I'm doing this til after I announce it - makes it more fun that way. I will also post a screenshot of the donation afterwards to appease any skeptics. (If you are unfamiliar with my comedy, you can download a free album for a preview, check out my YouTube, or join my subreddit. And here's the video that hit #1) Full Article
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