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3 months ago

Is moving to Virginia the right decision for me? : I was just offered a job in Hampton, VA close to the Langley Airforce Base. I have looked at other threads about living in/near Hampton, and it has made me very nervous about accepting the job. I would be moving from rural Pennsylvania, and I don't really care for living in an urban area. The crime, specifically, is what is really off-putting to me. I am not opposed to a bit of a commute and was looking a bit in the Yorktown area, but I just have a really hard time getting the picture of what the areas are like. I would love to visit before committing to the job, but I must let them know my decision by Monday. Ideally, I'd like to rent an apartment around $1,000 per month. I am open to pretty much anything as long as it is a safe, comfortable area within a decent commute time. Any input would be super helpful! Full Article
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