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10 days ago

Local Author Looking for First Impressions of Suspense Novels : Hey, this is Joshua and I've been a member of this sub-reddit for months and lurking around when I can; and I was wondering if anybody would like to give me first impressions of a recently published book of mine entitled A FATHER'S JOURNEY TO PARADISE and ISA. They're both adult suspense novels and they're considered short works of about 60,000 words in length for both. You can find A FATHER'S JOURNEY TO PARADISE on Amazon, here:, and it's about the following: A deadbeat father living in New York City during the 1920s who, in an attempt to salvage his relationship with his kids, embarks upon a journey to a retro-futuristic afterlife on the brink of collapse to only encounter trials and tribulations in discovering on what it means to be a father. In a world filled with cosmopolitan wonder where many decide to live with G-d, but a tiny few decide to live without. A world that has captured the imagination of millions, and a world that is now coming to an end. This is an allegorical tale about social progress, and equal opportunity. A world that could have been; and, a world that is to come where faith is the only thing that keeps it alive with a little satirical comedy sprinkled here, and there. And you can find ISA here: and it's about the following: A man of faith, unfairly exiled by an oppressive regime, finds himself in the Arabian Desert struggling to survive as he recounts a series of unfortunate events relating to a corrupt bargain involving his brother, a peasant pawn, and a Saudi Judge. He soon discovers a cavern where he is met with a mysterious voice that guides him to search, and free his adopted daughter from a secret prison before later reuniting with the love of his life in his home away from home within a befouled abominable slum in this suspenseful debut. Thanks, and take care. Full Article
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