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7 days ago

Lost Cat in Westerly : Hi. I just moved here with my outdoor cat. He has been inside for a day, and this morning he was pining to go out (he was going out every day at the old home and had lots of freedom, and no tags...) He was hanging out with my husband and me in the yard all morning today, and then he slipped away past the neighbor's rock wall where I could not see him. I walked into my new neighbor's yard to see where he went, but I didn't want to run through everyone's yard for some stupid reason. He has not come home since then. I haven't seen or heard from him. He went into the neighborhood by Sandy Hill Rd (the school.) PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST IF YOU HAVE SEEN A PURE WHITE, POLYDACTYL CAT ABOUT 20 POUNDS WITH A LONG WHITE TAIL. HE HAS NO COLLAR. HIS NAME IS SHIRO. HE IS VERY FRIENDLY AND CAUTIOUS. I'm going around letting people know but I am new here and I am exhausted from other things. This is just a really bad timing for such an awful thing to happen. Thank you for your time. edit: adding a picture HERE ARE PICTURES OF SHIRO. HE IS MY BEST AND ONLY FRIEND. I AM TORN APART AND APPRECIATE ALL HELP. Full Article

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