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10 days ago

Here on vacation, drove to Clearwater yesterday and Jupiter today. Your drivers suck ass : What the fuck is wrong with drivers here? Why the fuck is the right lane the fast lane and the left lane is the slow lane? I've seen so many shitty drivers here that Port-a-Potty should open up a dealership. Things I've seen that make no fucking sense: Okay so let's say there is a merge lane on the highway and it's bumper to bumper traffic. I slow down with much room left in the merge lane, offering space and courtesy. Who takes me up on it? Not a goddamn soul. These shit brains have to get to the end of the merge lane before they get in, everyone else be damned. "THAT MOTHERFUCKER IS 1 CAR AHEAD OF ME WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS HAS THE WORLD COME TO? I HAVE TO GET IN FRONT! REEEEEEE! Florida's Turnpike, looking in the rearview: "Are those two cars in the left lane buttfucking? My Honda Civic deserves to be driven like this is Le Mans and you scrotes need more shit exhaust. My apologies to you if you are a courteous driver who understands how to use a blinker. All the rest of you need to have your licenses revoked. Full Article
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