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21 days ago

Help my family pick where to settle in TX? : We currently reside in Indiana and want to move to TX for a lot of reasons. Conservative values, cost of living, good weather. We also love Texans’ pride for their own state! We originally decided on the northern suburbs of Dallas, but it appears housing is rising like crazy and it projected to be Orange County 2.0? That scares us a little so we want to explore all our options. We would like to be in the suburbs and close enough to places like Costco and Target. We wouldn’t mind being within a 45 minute drive of these types of amenities if the area is perfect. We want an updated and/or newer house in the $200-$250,000 range about 2,500 square feet or more. My husband may be interested in continuing his career in law enforcement. Any idea where we can check all these boxes? Full Article
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