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8 days ago

I miss Sacramento food! I thought about moving back, but... : ...Denver has proven to be just as welcoming and fun as Sac was to me. Let me explain. I was born in Liberia and grew up in Sacramento. I went to Will C. Wood middle school, to Hiram Johnson, Genesis Charter (now closed) and Health Professions high school (one of the best charters in Sac for premed students). I went to ARC then transferred to UC Davis. While at UCD, I still went back to Sac for the food and farmers markets. I've eaten at almost every restaurant in downtown, midtown and along Broadway. I hope the farmer's market on Broadway (under the bridge) is still there! I ate my way around South Sac, before and after they built what is now Little Saigon. I explored all of Sac and the surrounding cities, drove to the Bay, mountains and wine country for getaways and had a blast! Then one day (sometime in 2015), I got bored. I realized I had explored all there was to Sac. My hubby and I traveled the country for the next two years and ended up in Denver, Colorado. Denver reminds me of Sac (except the food) but seems more vibrant because it's a newer city. I sometimes miss Sacramento but the feeling isn't enough to go back to an older (albeit lovely) home that I cherish. Sacramento was a wonderful place for me to grow up in, and now that I'm more grown, I cherish the memories I made in Sacramento, but Denver is my new home for the next phase of my life. With that said, I'm visiting Sac soon! I hope the city hasn't changed too much. If anyone is thinking of moving to/out of Sacramento or Denver, we did a city comparison with information on the job market, tax rates, cost of living, culture, etc.. Were we fair in describing both cities? Full Article
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