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17 days ago

What is up with the Villa Riviera penthouse? : Just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what's up with that place. ​ It recently went on the market to rent at 5k a month. But looking at the Zillow page, it looks like no one wants any part of it. ​ Looks like that "pending sale" was it being put up for auction: I guess there were no bidders? Or maybe a reserve? ​ The HOA costs are pretty exorbitant at $1,350/month, but I wonder what else about this place has sellers running and the owner dropping his price (my aunt said something about a 50% brokerage bonus, but I haven't seen that). The broker said something about the floors needing to be refinished in another article: ​ ​ But I'm looking for some first-hand dirt on the place :p So what gives? submitted by /u/bstanfordb [link] [comments] Full Article
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