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7 days ago

Best cycling route from Alameda to the Oakland Hills? : Cross-posted from /r/BABike. I live in Alameda. I'm trying to find the best way for a cyclist to cross from Alameda to the lovely bike rides in the Oakland Hills: Tunnel, Skyline, Pinehurst, Redwood, etc. What's the safest method if it's just me alone? Broadway? Park? Fruitvale? 35th/38th? I've checked the Team Alameda website as well as Strava Heatmaps, but it looks from Google Maps like a lot of those roads are quite busy without bike lanes; it might be fine in a big group, but is it okay for a solo rider or a pair of riders? I've gone up through Williams and San Leandro downtown for the Zoo Loop, but have yet to find a good route up a little farther north. Thanks for any help! submitted by /u/BananaGranola [link] [comments] Full Article
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