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9 days ago

Young professional with first job in Laurel, where to live? : Hi everyone! I am a single young guy graduating in the next couple months and starting my first job in the Laurel-Columbia area. I've been trying to figure out where to live and would like some extra input! I'd like to live in a place with a decent night life but not an extreme commute. I can afford a maximum of ~$2k a month, so in general cost isn't the main constraint. After doing some reaching on this sub I've came up with some candidates: Downtown Silver Springs: Not too bad of a commute and an okay night live. I can live close to the DC metro (not sure how good the metro is). Fed Hill, Baltimore: An okay commute, with some pretty good nightlife (apparently). I'm not too sure how nice/safe the area really is, but it seems just fine. Adams Morgan/ U St/Westminster, DC: A pretty bad commute, although it seems like it will be opposite of traffic? A pretty awesome night life and generally cool area. Where would you suggest I look for places to live? It's also possible I could just sub-lease in these areas to get a feeling of how much I like it. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it! Full Article
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