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11 days ago

International Student Questions : As an incoming international student (freshman), I have a few questions about settling in: What should we bring? More specifically, what can we buy near Berkeley? Not counting tuition, housing, or textbook fees, approximately how much money do we need as freshmen (with the blue meal plan) for personal expenses? Should I get paypal and/or venmo? What about ubereats? Are there any other apps I should install? Is tap water drinkable? Are there water dispensers in the dorms? Any recommended restaurants (or good dessert places) nearby? For potential weekend road trips, what places are there near Berkeley that are worth a visit? I grew up in a place where it's relatively safe to walk outside alone at night (and I'm a girl). However, I've heard Berkeley can be a lot more dangerous. What are some safety tips I should know? Any other tips or things I should be aware of? submitted by /u/ShortbreadPlease [link] [comments] Full Article
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