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12 days ago

CS major declare first semester schedule : Hi everyone, I am an admitted transfer student from CC. I have some question regarding the schedule for the first semester. First, I am planning to take CS61A and CS70 as I already finished CS 61B in CC. Do you guys think this is manageable for the first semester? because I checked the sample transfer program planner and it seems like the department is separating CS61A and CS70 apart for some reason. My main goal is to declare the major so I do not want to take 3 technical course per semester to boost up my chance. Secondly, I also noticed there is CS47B which is the Completion of Work in Computer Science 61B, is this mandatory class to take, though I already took at CC? Lastly, do you guys think I should separate 61A and 70 in semester1 and semester 2 just like the planner suggests? How did you guys plan out when declaring CS major? What would you recommend? Thanks for reading the long question and thanks for helping out!
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