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12 days ago

Considering moving from DC to Silver Spring. Mistake or no? : I’m currently living on H Street NE, and my commute is as follows: walk 15 minutes down H Street, around Union Station, and down into the metro. wait about 5 minutes for the metro ride on metro from Union Station to Metro Center for about 7 minutes Walk 8 minutes from Metro Center to work. So, depending on the wait for a train, my commute is 30-35 minutes each way. Some things I’m considering: - I’m not really into DC nightlife, but I do like to go to coffee shops and brunch on the weekends, and I take my dog to the dog park nearby every day, religiously. - I grew up in MoCo about 30 mins drive from the nearest metro station, so I’m used to not living in the city, but I’ve lived in my current apartment in DC for the last 4 years. - I have a car, but don’t have parking available at work, so I need to metro. - I’m okay with my commute being a bit longer, but not a lot longer. My thoughts are that my commute will be a bit longer from Silver Spring. Maybe 45 minutes instead of 35 minutes? I might be able to cut down on time on the front end by living a bit closer to the metro station. Can anyone confirm or deny how long it actually takes to get from Silver Spring to Metro Center once you actually get on the metro? - There seems to be a dog park very close to where I would live, which is very important to me. And I’m assuming that there are plenty of coffee shops and brunch places. - Right now I pay about $3000 for a 2 bedroom/1 bath, and it looks like I can get the same setup very close to the Silver Spring metro for $2200-$2500. A big part of my motivation is saving money. Has anyone else made the move from DC to Silver Spring? Is it much different in terms of feel/culture? What are some advantages to living in Silver Spring vs DC? What are some disadvantages? Is this just a terrible idea? Full Article
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