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5 days ago

My Experiences with the Bellair Airporter : Make reservation on line. Reservation appears to succeed (get confirmation message), but then I quickly get another message saying the reservation failed because their system couldn't bill my credit card and to call customer service. Call customer service. They can't find the reservation I made online at all. Customer service makes new reservation for me. I notice they billed my credit card twice. More time on the phone straightening that out. Bus fails to show at the appointed time. Turns out the reservation made over the phone was at the wrong time. Request that my money be refunded. Make a last-minute unplanned drive to Seattle to save my flight. Get to experience the joy that is Seattle traffic. Find out that they failed to refund all my money, so I now get to make a third call to them on the phone. Is there any recommended alternative to these clowns for getting to Sea-Tac? Full Article
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