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3 days ago

Fort Collins vs. Boulder for a Climber/Grad student : Hey everyone, I'm at a crossroads on deciding where I want to live for the next ~5 years or so for my graduate degree. I'm choosing between CSU and CU Boulder, both in cities within an hour of each other. I'm currently located in Loveland, and working as a post-bach at CSU, so I've gotten to know Fort Collins a bit and even go climbing already. I wanted to ask the climbing community what they think of each location in terms of the (i) amount, (ii) and quality of climbing close the each city as well as the (iii) community surrounding it for both outdoor and indoor (training in winter). I'm coming from Bozeman, Montana, where there were local crags ~20 minutes out of town, but if you wanted good climbing at least an hour or so was required. It was mainly a ski town. So while close access would be amazing, especially while in school/working, it's not a requirement. I primarily climb ropes, trad and sport, but am totally open to getting into some bouldering since Foco has tons of it. I climb up to 5.11 sport and V5 or so boulders probably outdoor, but will hopefully get stronger. I think overall Fort Collins appeals to me more as a cheaper, more laid back town with less crowds and less of an "elitist" environment that Boulder is known for... (and how Bozeman was at times) however I do want to take into consideration if I will get bored of the climbing or not! Either way I'm climbing a lot and probably will travel a bit on warm weekends for good rock. I have my own decisions to make on the best university for me, but wanted to know about the outdoor climbing crowd at each! Cheers Full Article

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