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Should I take calculus if I don’t need it, but it is protocol for my major? : I am hoping to be an MCB major: long story short, after talking to a major advisor about my math options for a program I want to do, I learned that because I have transfer credit for math 53 and I need to take a semester of stats for the program, under a brand new MCB policy for next year i have already fulfilled the two semester math requirement (this isnt on the website yet, but a major adviser told me so i trust it). However, I’m worried about math readiness in general for upper division courses in the future. Should i take a calculus series anyways? The 10 series? Or should I spend my time (and moneyyyy) on other courses and building a solid resume of extracirriculars? The program is a double major, so the first two years are loaded in terms of units, and not taking math would make it so that I could ease into cal like so many students recommend but still pull off the double major prereqs. If I were to not take math, do any of you recommend ways to learn/review math before my upper division courses? (*I took a linear algebra course that used the same textbook that berkeley does, so i have knowledge of about half of math 54 and a pdf of the textbook should i need to review. The only math i’d have zero exposure to by upper divs that the 10 series covers is differential equations.) thank u! submitted by /u/AnnalisaFlat [link] [comments] Full Article
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