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2 days ago

Dental Emergency...please help, I'm going crazy! : Does anyone know of an oral surgeon who accepts LA Medicaid- Louisiana Healthcare Connections? In Baton Rouge and close by? I specifically need a tooth extraction done by an oral surgeon. Its an emergency. My face has been swollen a week and I have been fighting pain for over a year off and on but excruciatingly so daily now for a month plus. A number or name would be greatly appreciated. I cannot sleep, eat and barely function due to the intensity of the pain. I need it removed, please no home remedies, unless accompanied by useful information related to the past. Thank you. I truly am hoping that this will work, i've looked, called, visited regular dentists and the e.r. and done home remedies. I need an oral surgeon at a price I can afford-$100. Thanks again! Full Article
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