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13 days ago

Serious Homeless problem?? : There is a serious problem with the homeless situation in Grand Rapids and I was unaware of how bad it is until recently. With that being said I think it is great to provide proper resources to our homeless population, especially in colder weather. However, Grand Rapids has become a haven for the homeless because of the resources we have available for them. I was drunk a few weeks ago and a homeless man asked me for money, I told him I didn’t carry money but was going to get some food at a restaurant and he could come with and I would pay for it. We started talking and I found out he was from Wisconsin and that he had only recently moved here because how great our city was for people in his situation. Again, this is good but is becoming a problem because more and more homeless are moving here absorbing resources we have available. And some of the homeless coming here are horrible. I’m sure everyone saw the story where a homeless man broke into an apartment and stabbed a child because he “felt like killing” I’m not saying all homeless are like that but unfortunately with more and more homeless looking to come to GR we will have more like that. How do we stop this from continuing?? Full Article

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