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8 months ago

NEW YORK: HERE IS ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO VOTE - YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE ON OR BEFORE THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13!!! : Below is the key information you need to register to vote in New York. The most important thing to know is that you must register to vote online by THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13 (and not by February 14 as explained below) if you want to change or add your party affiliation so that you can vote in a party's primaries. The actual deadline for registering to vote comes later (see #3 below). (1) STEP ONE: UPDATE YOUR RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS WITH THE DMV Make sure your residential address is up to date with the DMV. Don't worry, to update your residential address, you do NOT need to get a new driver's license. In fact, you can update the address on today, and change it back to the old address tomorrow so long as when you update it tomorrow you note that you do not want your voter address to be updated. To update your address with the DMV, go to - the update takes place effective immediately and it takes 2-3 minutes, tops. (2) STEP TWO: REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE BY FEBRUARY 13 Registering online is simple - just go to The entire process takes 4-5 minutes, but be sure to have updated your residential address with the DMV first because your residential address with the DMV determines the location where you will be required to vote What you need to register is simple: (a) the last four of your social security #, (b) your driver's license ID #, and (c) your driver's license document number. Don't know where the ID# and document # is located on the driver's license - look here: Please note that you must choose what party you want to be affiliated with in order to vote in the primary. Even if you don't have a party affiliation, you are advised to choose a party so that you can at least have some influence on what candidates will be put forth (i.e. if you're an independent, you may as well register as a democrat if you have a nominee you strongly favor). (3) KEY DATES You must enroll online by February 13 if you want to change or add your party affiliation Any change of address must be made on or before April 8 For a full list of other voting deadlines, see here: The most important thing to note is that registration must take place on or before February 14. However, this deadline is only available to those who want to register IN PERSON. In order to register online, you must register ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 13. In fact, when you click through to register with New York State using the link above, the following notice is plastered on top of the page after you provide your social security and drivers license: "February 14 is the deadline for a Board of Elections to RECEIVE a voter's request to change their party enrollment for this year's primaries. THEREFORE, ANY CHANGE OF ENROLLMENT VIA THIS DMV SITE MUST BE FILED BY FEBRUARY 13TH IN ORDER TO BE EFFECTIVE FOR THIS YEARS PRIMARY ELECTIONS. You may still hand-deliver a party enrollment change directly to your local Board of Elections on February 14." Full Article
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