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7 days ago

Two years ago, I enrolled in a breadth course based on the list of valid breadth courses from the previous semester. I just found out that the same semester I enrolled, they changed it to fulfill a different breadth. What do? : Hi y'all, Pretty much the whole story is in the title. I needed a Philosophy and Values breadth, I looked on the L&S website at the time for valid courses, thought "Hey, this 'Energy and Society' class sounds alright," and enrolled in it. But I just found out that in Fall 2016, they changed some of the course listings around, and it became valid only as a social sciences breadth. Who do I even talk to about this? My major advisor? I feel like I'd need to talk to an L&S advisor, no? The course did not change between Sp15 and Fa16, and I can't have reasonably known this would happen prior to enrollment. I enrolled when the Sp15 semester was still happening, and the L&S website itself told me it was a valid course for the breadth I needed... submitted by /u/toadsofbattle [link] [comments] Full Article
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