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6 months ago

How’s living in Southlake, Texas as a college aged kid with no car? : Hi, So I have a internship offer in Southlake, Texas for the summer. I'm 20 years old, currently a junior at a school on the west coast. Where should I live? I'd like to live near bars or near where most things are going on during the summer. Unfortunately I won’t have a car so I guess I’m also asking if there’s any public transportation in the area. I understand things might not be that exciting, I just don't want it to be hard to go out or meet some people (I don't know anyone in or near Texas). I don't really have a budget, but I'm going to be paid well for my time so I'm more concerned with location than price. I'd love to hear your thoughts about where I should live and if you think I’d have a good time, so please let me know! Full Article
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