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13 days ago

On 14 February 1942, Lieutenant Adnan Saidi and his men died defending Singapore against an overwhelming invading army. : ​
Lieutenant Adnan Saidi was a 25 year old officer living in Singapore during World War II. His platoon of 42 soldiers were positioned on Bukit Chandu (Opium Hill) when they spotted something unusual about some troops dressed as Punjabi soldiers from the British Army patrolling parts of the hill. They opened fire, and true enough, those were Japanese soldiers in disguise. They held their position for a frustrating 2 days. The invading Japanese battalion finally launched their all-out infamous Banzai attack up on Bukit Chandu. The platoon held out until their ammunition was spent. With no ammunition and no hope of any support but refusing to give in, Lieutenant Adnan gave the order to make a last charge against the enemy with bayonets and their fists. The Japanese killed most of the platoon, and captured the rest. Lieutenant Adnan Saidi was executed and strung up on a tree, then stabbed to death with bayonets for his resistance. The rest of his surviving platoon was given the option of surrendering and joining the Japanese effort against the British. They chose to honour their vow of "Taat Setia" (Faithfulness and Loyalty) and were executed instead. Their motto was,“Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata.” (better to die in battle than live with tears of regret). Lest we forget... Full Article
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