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11 days ago

Incoming freshman - do Math 1b or ENG R&C at a CC? : I'm an intended L&C CS major, so math 1b is required, but I'm not sure if it's needed as a prerequisite for any class. Is math 1b necessary for any CS classes (considering CS 70 requires mathematical maturity) or can I take it the following summer? Or should I just take it as a freshman? At my CC it's 7 weeks long and most people are telling me I should relax and enjoy my summer before I start college, but I've heard math 1b is unnecessarily hard at Berkeley and not useful for any CS classes. I've heard R&C English is just a pain in the butt, and my CC offers it online, so it's less of a time commitment and I can still relax over the summer. I only have to take part 2 of R&C. I'd rather take just one or the other since I feel really burned out and I just want a breather since I've been working the last few summers of HS. I'd appreciate any recommendations!! Full Article
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