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18 days ago

Looking for a large farmer's market (indoors?) : When visiting my BIL in Allentown PA, he took us to his local farmer's market. It reminded me almost of Big Top Flea Market, but with almost all food/produce/restaurant foods/etc. It was like a farmer's market on steroids. We went in, got what seemed like half a cow, a ton of fruits, some fresh bread, prepared lunch, and some Amish made sweet snacks. It was amazing. I'm looking for something even remotely similar to that in the Tampa/Carrollwood/Lutz/Land O' area. Most of the ones I can find are maybe one weekend a month, or more flea market than foodstuffs, or very small. Tl:Dr - Looking for large farmer's market with fruit, meat, and veggies in Tampa Bay Full Article
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