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4 months ago

TIL that Seabreeeze was free until 1986 : This started with a conversation about how local flagships will fare during the various stages of lockdown. Seabreeze came up, and my dad mentioned that it didn't used to cost money to go there. I was curious, so I did a little looking this morning and sure enough - up until 1986, there was no entry fee. Source Now, what I still haven't verified is what he said was partly responsible for the change in admission practices, and I'm curious if anyone knows the story. What he claims is that the park was an extremely popular spot for lower income people for two reasons: one, it was a free place to get out of the house, and two, there were bus lines that went straight from less well-off neighborhoods to the park. As he tells it, eventually the park had a problem with fights breaking out, and the admission charge was implemented to reduce the number of people who went there simply because it was free. On its head, the claim sounds a plausible if maybe a bit sketchy, but I don't have any actual reference to back it up. Does anyone know the story there? Full Article
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