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The perfect to-do list for home. Easily set repeating tasks, auto-assign chores between roommates, get a fast scratchpad to take notes, and see visualizations that help you schedule your life.


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Track your shopping lists and errands. Automatically grouped by location and it's simple to share items with your roommates or significant other. Options to set automatically repeating items (e.g., add milk to shopping list a week after the last time it's completed).

Bills and Expenses

Not Enabled

Get reminders on rent, bills, and roommate expenses. Split expenses or bills with roommates and easily set automatically recurring reminders. Get charts that can help you budget and spot unexpected hikes in your bills.

Legal Help


Search through thousands of laws automatically targeted for your jurisdiction. Get tools to help you document problems, quickly send notices and a copy of the law, and stay informed of your options. Most laws are US-centric at this time.

Social Guestbook


Get local news, see posts from neighbors, and renter stories. When you move out, your posts are anonymously shared with the next tenants to help build history and reviews for the apartment. Renters have the power to help renters,

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