Discrimination of Job or Affiliation
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Federal Law : United States Of America

Federal law does not protect against discrimination in the rental of housing based on profession or political affiliation. However, in some states and localities (California is a notable example), a landlord cannot hold a preference for one occupation over another, discriminate based on a tenant's source of income or military status or service, discriminate by political affiliation, or discriminate by appearance (e.g., wearing a political t-shirt or hat)... Read more...

State Law : Virginia

Virginia does not protect tenants from landlords who deny an apartment application based on the type of job they have. There are few exceptions when the job is related to the tenant's gender, race, religion, or other protected categories under the Fair Housing Act. Some states, counties, and cities may block landlords from discriminating against Section 8 Voucher tenant applicants and landlords should know it's illegal to have a blanket policy of denying all applicants with a criminal record... Read more...

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