Disruptive Neighbors
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The first step tenants should take is talking to the noisy person or the landlord. The next option is filing a noise complaint. If that doesn't work, tenants might be able to break a lease if the apartment has severely disruptive neighbors, which were undisclosed and unknown to the tenant. The disruption must generally be so severe that their health is affected (e.g., tenants have been unable to sleep for several nights in a row). The severity must account for the nature of the neighborhood - dense cities have different standards than suburban areas. Tenants may need to pursue public remedies first, such as filing noise complaints, before breaking the lease. Because fixing the problem can be difficult for landlords, tenants should be cautioned that future landlords tend to be unsympathetic to applicants who have previously broken a lease for noisy neighbors. Either landlords or tenants can sue heavily disruptive neighbors under private nuisance laws...

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