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What is RenterPeace?

It's an app to help renters connect their community and help solve most common renter problems. Get legal help information, apartment reviews, local news, renters insurance, and more.

Do you offer legal advice?

We provide articles with legal information, help you find non-profits that can answer more specific questions, and act as a forum to discuss renter issues. We are not a law firm, law firm referral service, and we do not provide legal advice about particular issues.

Does it cost anything?

No. We primarily use unobstrusive ads to support this service. We may link to partners or services that have fees (e.g., we link to a partner that offers renters insurance for a subscription fee).

Is it secure?

Yes, we use SSL, salted one-way hashes for passwords, and have our systems independently tested. You can see some real-world example stories and learn about our practices here. Our co-founder is a certified privacy professional so we were built with strong data management practices from day one.

Will I get spam?

No. We hate that stuff and know you do too. You'll get periodic updates via email or app notifications about your account until we see you aren't logging in anymore or you change your settings.

Who can sign up?

Pretty much anyone over the age of 18. While most features are built for renters, some homeowners enjoy our chore tracking and bill reminder features. We also have a separate login for landlords. Non-profits and lawyers should reach out to us directly. Read our terms of service for more details .

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