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12 months ago

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 Title X law requires landlords to disclose any known lead paint hazards, where they specifically are located in residences, as well as records relating. My question is, how do we know if they are not disclosing these hazards? What our residents recourse to finding out if the apartments do indeed have lead (and asbestos) hazards not disclosed with specific details on where in apartments and common areas? I asked leasing office and ended up talking with a corp executive from Kirkland Weidner NW headquarters, WA office who was meeting with the apartment Community Director (her boss) - one person up the ladder from the Lakeside Apartment Community Director with Weidner (owns several apartments across Mid/NW) and was told "they didn't know" if they had asbestos or lead hazards - told they had no specific information on this for Lakeside Apartments here in Mountlake Terrace, WA. I am suspicious as these apartments were built before 1978 and the required pamphlets on lead and asbestos were included with lease, but not the disclosure (known?) of possible lead. How do if they are telling the truth or just covering their butts to avoid lawsuits? How do you prove that they are not telling the truth and really do know if there is lead or asbestos in the apartments but are not disclosing it? They provided no information on building inspections nor surveys either. Lead has been shown to increased in my body in 2-3 heavy metal toxicity tests since living here and there is chipped paint in common areas and apartments around doorways, window sills and stair banisters. Also, a bioscan revealed high exposure to Asbestos but lung xray showed no damage as of now, but I read this can take years to show up. I had drilled holes in walls not having specific information on if asbestos was in walls or if there was lead paint coming out doing so (I have since filled in these holes out of protection for my health). The general Lead and asbestos guidelines mentioned screws in walls/hazards, but nothing specific about if and where lead/asbestos located. Can we call to have a random inspection done anonymously? To who? Confused on this and would like direction please for my health and others here (who don't realize it).
Renter in Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA
Lead, Asbestos, or Hazardous Materials

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